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Be sure roll keep her safe on the changing table and in other places where all those exciting new moves that come with this big milestone could result in a fall or other hazard.

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When Do Babies Roll Over? Some newborns will actually roll onto one side to sleep in their very first days, but most babies seem to lose the ability to roll onto their sides ks within the first month. By 4 months of age, your little one will have developed sufficient upper body strength and muscle to use her arms to propel herself up and over from the belly-down position to her back, usually as an unintended result of one of her mini push-ups during tummy time. She may even demonstrate this ability as early as 3 months. Though many 4-month-olds get pretty adept at rolling over, by 6 months old, most babies have mastered not only the stomach-to-back roll but also the reverse back-to-stomach maneuver.

How Babies Learn to Roll Over

How to Help Your Baby Roll Over Making sure your baby gets plenty of tummy time helps her build the strength in her back, neck and arms that she'll need for the big push to roll over which is a big step in baby development. You'll want to start tummy time as early as the first week, laying your infant face-down across your lap for a few minutes during alert wakeful periods. As baby's first month progresses, help your little explorer work her way up to 15 to 20 minutes on her tummy every day always under your watchful eye. If your baby's really indignant about being on her belly, start with shorter sessions of tummy time — one to five minutes will do the trick — and build gradually to longer tummy-play sessions.

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Babies can start rolling over as young as 3 rlll 4 months old, says pediatrician Deena Blanchard, MD, MPH, since it takes them a few months to build up the necessary strength—including neck and arm muscles and good head control—to pull off this physical feat. Since newborns can sometimes roll over unexpectedly, Blanchard cautions that the only safe place to leave baby unattended is a crib, playard, bassinet or another place where she can be securely strapped in, such as a swing or bouncer. So when do babies roll over?

The more opportunity baby has to work that muscle, the quicker your newborn will learn.

The best way for you to encourage baby is to physically guide him along, teaching baby what it feels like iver move. But after he experiences it a few times—and hears you clapping and cheering—baby will be more eager to try it out. Turn tummy time into playtime. You can also try getting down on one side of baby and talking to her. Rapid typists may also sometimes inadvertently press a key before releasing the previous one.

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When Do Babies Roll Over?

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