Sharekhan trading gets transparent through sam

To start a stock broking house, one needs huge capital for technology up gradation and skilled manpower. Stock broking requires huge capital to make their products user friendly, which in turn requires capital to employ skilled manpower.

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Thus, technology could be one of the entry barriers. Regulatory Constraints: Trxding a stock broking houses to plunge into the stock broking industry, it needs to have some kind of financial background and expertise. Thus, regulators constraints could be an entry tradding. Experience curve: It will take time for a new entrant to establish such a huge network e. Marwadiwhich says, Network can come up as the most difficult entry barrier to overcome. This kind of practice is called expected Retaliation, which is also possible in this industry in terms of less brokerage rates and reduced account opening charges.

But due to competition, they have come up with only one account i. The followers are those who just blindly follow the other players, which are leaders and challengers. While in offline account Sharekhan is leading with 64, offline accounts. Sharekhan, Kotakstreet and Indiabulls come under this head. Sharekhan challenges competitors by providing quality services and research based advice. Indiabulls is also challenging with low brokerage rates and class one services. This was convenient to those investors who were not familiar with the computer and the use of internet.

But it required more tradnig to the share broking companies to give guidance related to investment. There was a chance of inaccuracy of price because it was a time consuming process. The costs of the company also use to increase due to more paperwork. From the investors point of view, there was a problem of privacy.

The broker may leak the information of investor. So, to remove these limitations of traditional broking, there was an emergence of new concept e-Broking. So the person who adapt to it achieves success. E-broking is broking through electronic means.

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E-broking is the broking in which the investors who are familiar with the use of tading and internet directly trade in stock market. They trade anytime at any place when the stock market is open. The cost of transaction is also reducing with time. The investors have large range of options for trading. It is a paperless transaction so it reduces the cost of the company. There is facility of live streaming quotes, which gives exact price of the share prevailing in the market at that time.

There are two types of online trading services: Discount online brokers allow you to trade via internet at reduced rate. Some provide quality research, others dont. Full service online brokerage is linked to existing brokerage. Brokerage rates here are higher.

Sharekhan Trading Gets Transparent Through SAM

This service offers the client to use shares in their demat account to get the margin transparebt needed for trade. Very few stockbrokers in India offer this product as there is a higher risk associated with it. Brokers have the "Cash-Collateral proportion" which client has to maintain. The amount of margin made available is calculated by reducing 'haircut' from the current market price of the equity share.

Fail to provide the cash margin leads to sell off Sharekhqn stocks he kept for margin to settle the obligation. Margin against share is the service provided by Sjarekhan broker to its customers who hold shares in their demat account for long-term investment and would like to use them as collateral for the loan. The customer could use these idle shares as an asset similar to cash so that broker could give margin against such assets for the client to trade at an agreed interest rate. Most broker charges 0.

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In simple words, yets the customer is out-of-money in the trading account or needed immediate cash for trading, he could use theough and get margin needed for trading. Here are few more benefits of using shares as margin for trading: The broker gives margin to its customers for the securities held by the client in their demat account. Parekh explains, "The benefits or RoI calculation is a long-term process. SAM is an approach, which helps realise the full potential of software assets and enhance control over IT and the internal IT mechanism. It is a vital component of managing IT and helps organisations effectively manage various functions like software procurement, installation, training, license management and usage".

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