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The contestant who gave the last correct question controls the board, but once the answer is given, all three contestants have a chance to buzz in. The more you know, the better you do. Hasbro has done a very good job bringing the look and feel of the TV show to your computer. The board looks exactly like the one on TV, and the sound effects and music are identical. Best of all, Alex Trebek is here to host the show.

Outset Media Jeopardy Board Game

Starting gameplay is a snap. The emcee invites you to choose your options, select the number of players, and you're off. In addition, a sub-options-menu lets you choose buzz-in time, response time, skill level, and so on. One important option is spelling tolerance.

Since the game doesn't contain any sort of voice recognition, you must tradding your answers in. Loose tolerance the default basically means you must get the first four consonants correct. You must be very careful typing in your answers because even on loose tolerance, I didn't get several questions correct because I misspelled them. Custom and personalized items, including custom jewelry cannot be returned. Special orders and gift cards cannot be returned.

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It is also liked because of the way it plays exactly like the TV show. Some prefer the older versions of the game as it has a different layout and design.

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Final Thoughts A simple, yet effective board game that is suitable for a wide audience. The quickfire play and anticipation of the game make it the ideal choice for families and parties. It is a trivia game with a twist which makes it perfect for those who are looking for something different. Viewer attention could mean hate mail or a greater risk of fraud or identity theft if scammers are attracted to your winnings, he says. It also makes winners vulnerable financially, targets for investment pitchmen and family members who expect them to foot the bill for everything from great-aunt Ethel's trip to London… to Dad's credit card debt.

Opions competition does this for a living. Michael Souveroff first caught game show fever in college as a contestant on "Remote Control" and "Clash. But as soon as he's allowed, he's going to rejoin the small cadre of regulars on the game show circuit. Souveroff, Basin, Usui and other repeat game show winners say their experience gives them an edge, because they're comfortable with the audition process and confidant in their performance.

Many regulars even meet up to test their skills in regular trivia bowls. But previous experience can hurt, too -- producers aren't likely to pick someone who they recognize from a memorable appearance on another show, says Lewis Fenton, executive producer for Juma Productions, which is behind shows including "The Singing Bee" and "Elevator Up. The trick: Meyer managed to nail the timing of the buzzer system, which lets contestants ring in as the last syllable of the last word in the question is read. But on the day of the taping, his luck ran out.

Former contestants often complain about the buzzer systems, though they acknowledge that the challenge of simultaneously listening to the question, thinking about an answer and watching for the prompt to buzz in is what makes for good TV. Successful contestants practice, practice, practice, Meyer says, and they pay attention to producers' instructions during the audition, too, for important clues. Souveroff says producers at "Wheel of Fortune" instructed guests to "just say, 'M,' not 'I'd like an 'M,' please. You're lousy on camera Plenty of would-be contestants make it through the paper test, the interview and practice games only to fall flat when faced with a camera.

Some look terrified; Others get so absorbed by the lights, the set, and everything going on around them that they come across as distracted.

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