How to put a binary file in websphere mq

How to put a binary File in Websphere MQ

Bnary DescriptiveText Text that describes the installation. The default path in a system standard location will have been deleted. For more information about lut. This command updates information contained in the mqinst. On Windows systems, you must run this command as a member of the Administrators group. After unsetting the primary installation, the setmqinst command will not be available unless you specify the full path or have an appropriate installation directory on your PATH or equivalent.

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For example moving a zip file wouldn't work It worked perfectly for text files but when I tried pushing and then pulling a binary file - the pulled one was corrupted, it's size increased in comparsion with the original file 1. To change the primary installation, you must unset the current primary installation before you can set a new primary installation. UTF-8, Base16, Base64 In every case the binary file was corrupted after pulling it from the queue, I'm not entirely sure how the tool acomplishes that, it's written in Java, also I'm new to MQ so I tried searching for the correct options in IBM's docs but I haven't found anything that makes more sense than and Base16, yet it still doesn't work, could anyone with more experience with MQ tell if playing with these options makes sense at all in this case and if so - suggest what CCSID and encoding can I try to accomplish what Ive described above?

Ask Question 0 This might be a question that may not be answered due to the nature of the external tool I am using lack of documentation.

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Basically, I am using a tool that pushes and pulls messages from the queue, more precisely - it pushes and pulls files. When specified together, the installation name and installation path must refer to the same installation. The command does not have to be run from the installation you are modifying. On UNIX platforms you should not assume that the current directory is in the path. File mqinst.

You must use double quotation marks around the path if it contains spaces Return codes. Purpose You can use the setmqinst command to change the installation description of an installation, or to set or unset an installation as the primary installation. You must use double quotation marks around the text if it contains spaces. The text can be up to 64 single-byte characters, or 32 double-byte characters. The default value is all blanks.

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