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While Global Viewpoint, Inc. Has no obligation to monitor the forums, it reserves the right, at all times, to monitor any and all information transmitted dailt received through the forums, and to disclose any information as necessary, to satisfy any law, regulation or governmental request, or to refuse to post or to remove any information or materials, in whole or in part, that in its sole and absolute discretion, it finds objectionable. All content on Global-View. All rights reserved copyright, Global Viewpoint, Inc BoJ intervention — The BoJ has a habit of intervening in the forex market when price action and movements may threaten economic growth and the Japanese export industry.

So, traders must keep abreast of BoJ developments.

If not, you may vaily in be for a short, tfaders, and expensive surprise. Volatility — Whilst volatility is a benefit, it can also mean sudden price fluctuations. For example, natural disasters can have a huge impact on their closed economy. Dangers of leverage — Whilst borrowing funds enables you to capitalise on winning opportunities, it can also amplify losses. Automated competition — Traders of today face a significant challenge in the form of trading algorithms. These intelligent bots can use yearly charts and current drops to make forecasts now.

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However, these automated systems are already entering and exiting positions. As Fored result, competitive forward rates and US dollar vs Japanese yen forecasts for this coming week are more important than ever. However, it also comes with challenges. Therefore, the most significant influences are as follows: When the US economy suffers, the yen is likely to strengthen, and vice versa. Unemployment rates, wage growth and industrial production are just some of the key economic indicators. Japanese imports vs exports — When the Japanese import more than they export, the US dollar strengthens against the yen, as they are purchasing more than they are selling. Japanese national disasters — Due to its size, any natural disasters can have a substantial effect.

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Forec However, the US economy is unlikely to be impacted to such a significant extent. Pace of currency growth — On the whole, the US economy grows at a much faster rate than that of Japan. In fact, the yen has been growing slowly in recent years. As a result, this means there has been a consistent downward trend against the US dollar.

Although this is currently of particular importance ux Japan. This because the government has introduced a number of initiatives to bolster the economy. So, traders should pay close attention to any breaking news in relation to new measures, such as changes to interest rates, quantitive easing, and inflation. With that knowledge, telling whether prices will start going up or down may be easier. The former has a positive correlation, and the latter a negative correlation. Positive correlation — This is when currency reacts in line with each other. This is a result of the US dollar being the counter currency, so any changes in the US dollar will be felt in all pairs. Negative correlation — When currency pairs move in the opposite direction, they are negatively correlated.

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These sites are of immense help and aid in supplementing the forex knowledge base you already have. Forex Factory This Fofex offers the most updated and current dily that affects a trading session. Key indicators and news releases are depicted in a unique color coded system to illustrate the severity of the situation. The site also has a robust forum for covering the various trading aspects. Investopedia Investopedia provides answers to all trading queries from what is a spread to various other technicalities.

The comprehensive dictionary provides clear definitions of the important terms and vocabulary in forex. Babypips This is just the right site for beginners. It explains all the fundamentals in an easily comprehensible training course, which is free. All details from automation and psychology to what a trader new to forex should do are explained here. You get daily news and up to date market news including fundamental and technical analysis here.

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