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Close of a position at the honus, which is more favorable for the Customer than the stop out level, shall not be the reason for claim on the part of the Customer. Close of a position at the price, which is less favorable for a Customer than stop out level, is deemed the reason for claim on the part of the Customer. By accepting the present Agreement, the Parties agree that the market working time - from The maximum number of open positions is unlimited.

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Frew, the Company is entitled to restrict the number of orders being opened. In extreme cases short-term queues lasting less than seconds can be cancelled if they are found to be abusive. The Customer shall withdraw the money from the trading account through the payment systems available in My account section of the Superforex website. The Customer is entitled to withdraw money deposited through an electronic payment system through the international wire transfer to the bank account opened in the name of the Customer only if agreed by the Company.

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The Customer shall request the withdrawal of money deposited through an electronic Fre system to the same payment system with the same account details currency, account number. If the Customer used several payment systems, several wallets and different currencies, the Customer shall make the withdrawal request on the proportional basis. If the Customer changed the details within the payment system, he shall bbonus the Company by sending a filled-in F1 form with ID copy attached bons the Finance Department of the Company.

The Company processes the withdrawal requests within the period, which varies for every payment system; however, in some cases the Company is entitled to extend the withdrawal processing time up to 5 working days, except for the cases described in the Clause 9. If the Customer requests the withdrawal to the payment system different from the one used for depositing money, the Company is entitled to charge the Customer extra fees for the exchange service. The Customer is entitled to fund the trading account through any method listed on the Company's website.

The Customer acknowledges that in case of software malfunction, depositing of money to the trading account can be delayed. Interest rate for funds unused in trading. In case the Customer violates the terms or conditions of the present agreement, the Company is entitled not to pay the interest and to cancel the interest accrued earlier. Accrual of the interest on unused funds is a promotional campaign of the Company aimed at stimulating activity of the Customers.

The Customer acknowledges that the Free is not a bank and the accrued interest is not a bank interest. In case of weak trade activity accoumt the Customer, the Company is entitled to lower the interest rate for the Customer. For a USD1, account, such volume is 1 market lot or 10 Superforex lots. The Company is entitled to cancel the interest in case of detecting the improper use of the campaign including but not limited to cases when a trading account is not boonus for trading operations during a long period. When processing the deposit request, the Company covers full or partial amount of fees charged by a payment system.

Dispute resolution The Customer is entitled to file a claim to the Company in case of a disputable situation. The claim is accepted within two working days from the date when the problem occurred. The claim shall be emailed to dealer superforex. The claims submitted in other ways shall not be reviewed. The Company shall follow the generally accepted market practices and internal policy for the claims not mentioned in the present Agreement. Full name; Date and time when the disputable situation occurred; The ticket of disputable order or trade; Description of a claim without emotional connotation.

The Company is entitled to dismiss a claim if: The claim does not comply with the Clauses 5. Such correction is processed by means of deducting the amount with the comment "Clause 5. If the positions are fully locked by any locking system including triple lock and the sum of swaps has a positive value, the Company is entitled to correct the swap. In case the Company detects application of such trading strategy, it is entitled to apply the Clause 3. If the volume of the positions that remain open at the market close implies the change of the total profit by over 0. The amount of correction shall be proportionate to the size of the gap in pips.

The Company executes its affirmative decision on accoount claim for reopening of a position according to the following scheme: Reopening of a position means opening of a new position of the same volume as the one closed mistakenly. This scheme is fully applicable to the compensation of mistakenly accoynt positions. The Company shall review any trade of the Customer executed at non-market quote spike after the detection of such trade. The company is allowed to restrict the use of EA and other kinds of trading software on the trading account which permit the use of strategies that violate the terms of the user agreement, in particular 3.

In case of a decision to impose such a restriction, the company will notify the client by the e-mail specified upon registration at least one day before the appropriate restrictions for the client account are implemented. The company reserves the right to revise the results of the deals performed with the use of such EA and other kinds of software in violation of the agreement or cancel them in full, if such deals violate clauses 3.

The Company reserves the rights to reconsider and cancel the results of such trades. The use of the same IP address by different clients can be a reason to aaccount all orders in all foreex sharing this IP address as though they were performed by the same Client. The amount of compensation paid to the Customer for the consequences of malfunction shall not exceed USDIn regard to all Disputes any references by the Client to quotes provided by other companies or information systems cannot be taken into account. The Martingail strategy is allowed to be used if the coefficient is less, than In case mass violations and a large number of deals with the excess of permitted coefficient 30 are found, the Company reserves the right to cancel or revise the results of such deals.

The coefficient in each group is counted by dividing the maximal volume deal by the minimal volume deal, what accordingly are the last and the first deals in the group of deals. For example, the account has a group of 5 deals: Deal 1 - 0. We divide the Deal 5 3 lot by the Deal 1 0.

This Offer Agreement allows qccount client to use the trading strategy, when the group of up to 5 deals with one trading instrument is being hedged by the counter group of deals, which is the stream hedging. However, in bnous it is found out, that one strategy or its modifications are being mass used and there are more than 5 deals in each group, the Company will consider this as the violation of this very point of the Agreement and reserve the right to revise the results of the hedged deals been held within this strategy. Identification and verification of the Customer The Company is entitled to request the Customer to verify his personal information.

The Customer agrees that the personal information indicated at registration of a trading account can be used by the Company within the AML against money-laundering policy. The Customer is responsible for authenticity of the provided personal documents or their copies and admits the right of the Company, if their originality is doubted, to apply to the law-enforcement authorities of the document-issuing country for validation.

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