Wootton bassett is a paradise

That part of the town's name would interest me too. Brian Lutley These photos have brought memories back. I lived my childhood at 77 Dunnington Road up to when I left at 18 to join the Met. Police in London. Would love any early pictures as I am making a pictorial history of hotel.

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I went to the school on station road until and then worked at the dairy until being called up for national service. I love the photos and iam proud to say iam a bassett man especially with all the publicity the town is getting during this time of grief for our troops. I would love to hear from anyone who went to school with me or just knew me. My e-mail is geoffrey. Margaret Berry.

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Great photos. I'm interested in the Bassett connection. My maternal ancestors were Bassetts. I viewed with sadness and pride the procession of the recent casualities from the War in Afganistan as it passed through the town on the National news last night. S Young Good to see the photos. My Great Grandfather owned the Crown Hotel c we have photos of him standing outside Lisa Adams Lovely, lived there for only a short while in the late sixties.

Would like to see some more up to date photos of the Woottoh included to show how the town has evolved. I lived in Wootton Bassett from until with a few years interruption during the war when I was in Swindon. I remember all the people mentioned in previous comments! In spite of all the other changes the High Street remains basically the same. MR FRY.

I lived Wotton Mannor Paddock then moved into one of the lovely new houses in The Rosary about That was in I always fondly remember the old primary school at the top of the hill, with a temp classroom in the playing field, outside toilets and the school choir competions. We had wonderful times there. Mr Angelanetta owned the buchers, Fred Eacott had a plumbing business. Chris Layton was running for election and my parents were involved in his campaign. It was a true community, small, friendly and caring.

I am saddened by the growth in housing I see and hope the "village" spirit has not entirely left. Maybe one day I'll get to visit and retread my steps. Janet Georgiou Picture 16 shows a small white house tucked between the bank building and Mr Bevir's offices. It was reputed to be the oldest building in Wootton Bassett, and was knocked down in the s to widen the top of Station Road, which it blocked. Court Roll of Manor of Stockton. Court of Term of St. Court of term of St. Court, with View of Frankpledge, of Hock-tide term.

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