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John looks like my dad. For them, looking at our parents was like instant proof of where they came from. I was about 8 when I decided I wanted that, too. Maybe if I found my birth mom, I would finally be able to see my face in someone else's. Enlarge this image This photo captures the first time I was held by the woman who would adopt me. Sonya Westerman, my mom, traveled to the Heart of Mary Villa, a home for unwed mothers and orphanage near Manila, in the Philippines, on Thanksgiving She brought me back to the home she shared with her husband, Vernon, in rural Kentucky. We recently welcomed home 4 children between 3 families! Additionally, once families are matched with waiting children, families can be in country within 10 months!

How Do I Find a Birth Mother to Adopt From?

Our Philippines Adoption program also requires minimal travel—families spend days in country before bringing their child home. Due to country privacy restrictions, we are unable to post waiting children photos on our website. We also offer a Relative Philippines Adoption program for philippnes family members. Please reach out to us to learn more about this program! Adoptioon children available for adoption are between the ages of 2 to Currently, families in our Philippines Adoption Program wait an average of 9. Now, one would only need a certification signed by the DSWD secretary instead of a judicial order for the declaration of the abandonment of a child. Here, provisions were made regarding the procedure on how a foster parent may become the adoptive parents of a child under his care.

Also the age gap requirement may be waived "when the adopter is the biological parent of the adoptee, or is the spouse of the adoptee's parent. This means that even relatives by blood or affinity may adopt one another.

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These requirements are vital in order to ensure that the quality of life of the natural children would not be negatively affected by the introduction of the adopted adoptiin. The criteria for evaluating prospective adopters have been taken from the Child Welfare League of America, Inc. Before, a year age requirement was required since this was the midway point of the marriageable age of 14 for females and 16 for males. However, when the marriageable age was raised to 18, the Civil Code Committee, which drafted the family Code, proposed to have this raised to 18 as well.

This was deemed too much, however, and since a lot of prospective adopters would have been disqualified if it were to be followed.

In order to solve this, the phulippines of difference of 16 years was chosen. Placing a child in the care of an individual who was advanced in age but in good health was seen as more desirable than leaving the child with a public agency. However, this was changed as long as the aliens had the added conditions mentioned above. This is also so that conduct of the guardian's may be evaluated. The guardian must also be financially capable in order to "prevent unscrupulous guardians from escaping liability for their impropriety.

Married couples are eligible to adopt if they have been addoption at tye three years; single men and women are eligible to adopt children 9 to 15 years old. No more than two divorces are allowed. Previous Children: Families with three or more children in the home are not eligible to adopt a child younger than 6 years of age; families must wait two years from the birth or adoption of a child before filing for adoption from the Philippines. Both parents must have high school diplomas; high school equivalent is acceptable.

Medical and psychological conditions or history that disqualify a parent from adopting from the Philippines include: Parent s must demonstrate a relationship of at least 5 years with a religious or spiritual organization. Criminal History: Applicants with a criminal history of child abuse, violence or domestic violence are not eligible to adopt. One Country Application Policy: Families wanting to adopt from the Philippines are limited to pursuing only one adoption at a time. CAN updates these guidelines as necessary. Adoption Timeline The adoption timeline varies depending on the program that the family is interested in.

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For families interested in pursuing adoptions from the Special Home Finding List children with special medical needs the wait time to be matched with a child will upt be between 6 and 12 months. After that a family will travel within months if their dossier has been completed, if their dossier is incomplete the family should expect to travel months after dossier completion. For relative adoption cases the timeline depends heavily on how quickly DSWD is able to prepare the file for the child. On average we see families completing their process 12 to 24 months after the submission of their QRAA.

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For the healthy avoption program, the timeline is 24 months from dossier submission to be matched, and months from being matched to placement. The time frame for Philippines adoption is subject to change; please consult CAN for current processing times for your adoption from the Philippines. The Process 1.

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