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I fro some exciting news for you which will help you smash this vicious circle once and for all. What if you could reprogram your mind at a deep, subconscious level to emulate the beliefs and traits of consistently profitable traders without having to take any time out of your day or even pay a cent.

Trader Hypnosis – Free for Lazy Traders!

Imagine being able to do all hrikin this plugged into your portable audio device on the go, or even by hitting the play button before leaning tradint, eyes closed into an easy chair. What is more, he has very kindly offered to Lazy Trader clients exclusive access to his never seen before programme of cutting edge self-hypnotherapy and mental programming techniques. It will be free. Yes you read right — free — courtesy of Straight Talk Trading. Here is what it looks like!

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Hold your horses…it will hupnosis available from the 22nd August. Patience my friend! Give it a go. Click here. You May Also Like With eight core modules covering trading strategies, risk management, market analysis and the all important trader… Trade with The Lazy Trader in ! On the 5th November at The… The following two tabs change content below. Although he never realised it, my client was constantly emotionally placed under pressure to be the successful child.

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But if he was successful the hynposis would be even worse because he did not want to let his family down. He worked through these emotions to understand that he was the only person he needed to prove himself to and that he was not responsible for the happiness of his parents and older brother. Once he accepted this, he suddenly stopped making huge losses and continued to trade in a steady winning pace, with losses that were significantly less than he had previously experienced. The inconsistent trader Client Male, 52, London Being inconsistent when trading can lead to problems, as my client was finding out.

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He had problems sticking to his trading plan and methodology. He would get part way through a trade and 'chicken out' either leaving the trade with just a few pips becuase heioin didn't want to lose them, or coming out with a loss heiikn he couldn't hold on to see if the trade would turn. We worked using coaching to look at how to make the strategy easy to remember and stick to, NLP and hypnosis to remove the feelings of panic and worry, and regression to understand where these feelings had come from. Parts therapy helped the client to understand why he was working against himself and how he could move forward.

The result was that he became more consistent in his trading approach, simplified his technique for during the trades and became a calmer and more controlled trader. Female, 45, Reading This client came to see me with huge control issues.

She really needed to feel in control of the trade. She was always right and the thought of not having a winning trade heikib she would enter trades with huge amounts of anxiety and stress. This meant she would spend the trade feeling sick, nervous, sometimes shaking and the feelings would only subside once the trade had finished, was a winning trade and she knew she was right. If she took a losing trade, the anxiety would stay with her until the end of the next winning trade and she felt physically compulsed to keep trading until a winning trade.

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