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What is it for you, and why are you doing it? The hardest thing hrader Forex trading is disciplining yourself. My trading experience gave me a lot of business insights actually — for example, my experience in Forex taught me many things about money management. How did you manage it? I think my greed caused most of my troubles.

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I often talk about Pr if a customer is curious to know more about it. How did you come up with this idea? Whether it happens sooner or later, - it all depends on the individual. After I entered the market, I often found myself having nothing good to do.

Beginner Forex book

Since I'm trading full time, my Yojtube profits really helped me a lot in life. However, that couldn't top the importance of always hairchts in check the capital strength and resilience of the trading account. Many of my customers now know that there is such a thing as a currency trader. For me, the best thing about Forex is that a trader is free to decide what he wants to do with his life.

Business idea from Shah Rizal: Forex Barbershop

My interest in male hair fashion inspired me to open a barbershop. If one could do it sooner than me, then they would be better traders than I am. My advice to those who want to start a business, - don't be shy to ask the veterans of the industry. I also like to meet people.

You also need to be confident with what you're doing. Learn from their experience. So, you mixed up your Forex knowledge and your passion for hairstyling into a profitable business.

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