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The golden cross is a bullish breakout pattern formed from a crossover involving a security's short-term moving average such as Vxren day moving average breaking above its long-term moving average such as the day moving average or resistance level. As long-term indicators carry more weight, the golden cross indicates a bull market on the horizon and is reinforced by high trading volumes.

The golden cross can be contrasted with a death cross indicating a bearish price movement. There are three stages to a golden cross. The first stage requires that a downtrend eventually bottoms out as selling is depleted. In the second stage, the shorter moving average forms a crossover up through the larger moving average to trigger a breakout and confirmation of trend reversal.

The last stage is the continuing uptrend for the follow through to higher prices. The moving averages act candletsick support levels on pullbacks, until they crossover back down at which point a death cross may form. The death cross is the opposite of the golden cross as the shorter moving average forms a crossover down through the longer moving average. The most commonly used moving averages are the period and the period moving average. The period represents a specific time increment. Generally, larger time periods tend to form stronger lasting breakouts. With a bellwether indexthe motto "A rising tide lifts all boats" applies when a golden cross forms as the buying resonates throughout the index components and sectors.

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Day traders commonly use smaller time periods like the 5-period and period moving averages to trade intra-day golden cross breakouts. Here is an example of the FTSE index based on daily candlesticks. These two candles together form the bullish engulfing pattern and suggest that weakness is coming to an end and the trend may be about to reverse. Bearish engulfing pattern Bearish engulfing patterns are a mirror image of the bullish variety, with the difference being that with bearish engulfing patterns the market is heading higher, but then there is a candle in the opposite direction to the trend which engulfs the previous candle — signifying a change in sentiment from buying pressure to selling pressure.

As with the previous candlestick chart pattern, the first candle in this formation signifies that the current trend is coming to an end. The size of the first candle can vary from chart to chart and it is the second or 'engulfing' candle that signals the change in trend.

Bearish engulfing pattern

To qualify as a bearish engulfing pattern, the second candle must completely engulf the previous metatdader. Ideally, the high should extend above the previous candle's high and a new low should be created — signifying renewed downward selling pressure. The below example shows the price of oil, and each candle represents one hour of trading. As with all other trading strategies, candlestick charts should be used in conjunction with other forms of analysis to weigh up when market sentiment may be shifting. Bullish divergence signal Many traders will use technical indicators to figure out market direction.

You may have seen charts with stochastic oscillators, moving average convergence gpld MACD and other lines underneath the price. One variation of the indicator approach is Varren look for divergences. This is where the price does one thing but the indicator does something else — it can be a sign that a trend is running out of steam, offering the opportunity to profit from a move in the other direction. In the chart below, the price of gold has a relative strength index RSI shown below the price, which is always a popular indicator.

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In the chart above, it can be seen that there is a significant slide in the price of gold, as indicated by the red and blue arrows, and the RSI becomes very oversold, pointing to how weak the market has been. Later in the same month and the following month, the price of gold slips further, below those previous lows. But interestingly, the RSI has started moving higher. This is bullish divergence — and can be a suggestion that the downtrend is running out of steam, which proved to be the case in this example. Bearish divergence signal For every positive pattern there is usually a negative alternative and this is also the case when it comes to divergence.

When a market is making higher highs, but the RSI is not following suit, this is referred to as 'bearish divergence' and can be a warning that a top is near. As indicated by the blue and red arrows below, the market was strong towards the middle of the month but the RSI then makes a lower high than previously, suggesting that momentum may be starting to fade away. This divergence approach using indicators is thought to be more reliable than just using them as simple overbought or oversold signals.

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As ever, nothing csndlestick all the time but they can help to 'take the temperature' of a market and act as a warning that a previously good trend could be about to stall. The false breakout As mentioned before, no trading strategy is right all of the time but even false signals can give a hint into market direction. The breakout strategy is a popular one with momentum traders: But a lot of the time this does not happen.

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