The #1 and best swing trade in 2015

Meet Drasko Kovrlija. Today he runs NoanetTrader. Andrew Thrasher swkng a CMT and portfolio manager at an asset management firm. On StockTwits he frequently shares big and crisp charts that highlight technical indicators like trend lines and moving averages. Chris Kimble is a legend on StockTwits these days. His strategy is extremely unique and he often refers to it as Tops, Bottoms, and No Middles. With this he essentially looks for extreme price points or reversals and capitalizes on them.

Kimble also has a great ability to create and draw on charts. Everyone loves his entertaining creations: Each day he shares countless insights from potential trade ideas, to breaking news and charts. He specializes in trading momentum stocks and always has a game plan for you to follow. Like this: He now runs his company called Top Down Technicals. He provides consulting services, market publications, and wealth management services.

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There is a broad swnig of where the trade lands and you get better at timing as you gain experience. Short selling is like betting against a company: Short-selling and options were too technical and risky for me, so I usually steered clear of those kinds of trades. What matters is the quality of data. You can spend days or hours just on one trade, but it makes better sense to act on a solid trading strategy augmented by high quality data. I lost a lot of money because I was comparing dozens of patterns for one stock in one time period. It made my head explode.

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Eventually I came to my senses and focused on just a few patterns and a few companies. I set up watch lists and alert systems. I even had my trading day all planned out. In the end, I only traded 2—4 hours a day maximum. I did this just a few days a week. I think I did alright for myself considering I was working on so many other things in my life micro-businesses, hobbies, travel, writing, etc. In total, I traded about 15 hours a week. I was thinking about substitute teaching at a local college or high school, but the simple math stopped me.

I Took A Couple Years Off Of Work To Swing Trade. Here’s What Happened.

I was making that and more before 11 am. Ultimately, when I got consistent at this subbing just seemed like a waste of time. Some days I made more in three days than a full-time teacher would make in a whole month! I lost over ten thousand dollars in a single day and it was unnerving.

The whole financial world felt the shockwaves of this day as a massive sell-off commenced. But in a few months, things bounced back. I recouped most of annd money. I lost thousands and it was painful to see the drama all around this unfold. It was like watching a home burn down. They are going to rebuild it, but it will never be the same or as great as it was. Note to self: Just recently, I was watching a diabetes medical device. I felt great about the buy. Less Trading A few years into swing trading, and I can say I learned a lot. There are dozens of non-swing trade systems that completely blew my results away.

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Many are ni passive that is, low maintenance. If I was on target, that became a decent swiny income you could live on in most places. B Good - The stock has a good track record for balancing performance with risk. Compared to other stocks, it has achieved above-average returns given the level of risk in its underlying investments. While the risk-adjusted performance of any stock is subject to change, we believe that this fund has proven to be a good investment in the recent past.

Iin Fair - In Thd trade-off between performance and risk, the stock has a track record which is about average. It is neither significantly better nor significantly worse than most other stocks. It is important to know that over the past 6 years the SP has provided a 1. While that may not sound like much of a return, know this happens several times each month and better yet, if you trade the ES mini futures, you get a lot more leverage. ES trading turns a 1.

Anyways, the red indicator on the chart trae a simple volume based indicator which measures fear and greed in the market. It is very accurate tradd picking market tops and bottoms. When you see this indicator start to rise it tells us the majority of traders the herd are buying greedy and we should start looking for a short entry. Meaning too many stocks have moved up in a short period of time and traders will most likely start taking profits.

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