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Both the interactive and scripted processes were tested on a Windows System and a Linux Ubuntu This process may vary slightly depending on the hardware and software configurations of the local and remote systems. We have made a significant effort to ensure the documents and software technologies are correct and accurate.

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We reserve the right to make changes PPut notice at any time. The function delivered in this version is based upon the enhancement requests from a specific group of users. The intent is to provide changes as the need arises and in a timeframe that is dependent upon the availability of resources. The FTP program is now running on the local system. Check the documentation for your own machine to determine the comparable commands.

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Most computers today include a windows-based ffp FTP program that is more PC-oriented and does not require full knowledge of these commands. You can also perform FTP through a browser. Just type sftp instead of ftp, when you are using FTP in a terminal window. In either case, this command is similar to logging onto the remote machine.

If the remote machine has been reached successfully, FTP responds by asking for a loginname and password. You should be able to move around in your own directory and to copy files to and from your local machine using the FTP interface commands given on the following page. Anonymous FTP At times you may wish to copy files from a remote machine on which you do not have a loginname. This can be done using anonymous FTP. When the remote machine asks for your loginname, you should type in the word anonymous.

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Of course, that is probably what you get ftpp using the Tab key on the keyboard as well. For example CR carriage return cause a printer to move its print head to command leftmost column of Puut page. LF line feed caused a printer to move one line down on the page. In modern usage, only a few of these control characters will appear in a text file. FF form feed character were originally used to tell a printer to feed in a new form page and are still occasionally used to indicate the start of a new page. One of the ways to tell if a file is intended to be an ASCII text file is to look for characters that fall outside the normal range of characters. MS Windows uses a pair of characters at the end of each line: Example 1: Try This: Download this file and this one onto a Windows PC.

Open them each in NotePad. These two files are identical except for the line termination characters. Notice how differently they are treated by NotePad. Log into one of our Linux servers. Unicode Although ASCII has been queen of the text encoding world for most of the history of computing, it has limitations. Unicode actually has multiple ways of encoding these extensive characters. One Unicode encoding simply uses two bytes per character, for a total of possible characters. But since most text files are still heavily oriented towards ASCII 0—this doubles the size of the typical text file with a lot of zero bytes.

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Unicode also introduces a its own optional non-ASCII control characters to signal the end of a line and the end of a paragraph. You can not tell if a text is text or binary by double-clicking on it in an operating system window to open it up. Launching a file in this way simply runs whatever program the operating system believes is most appropriate to that file. On the other hand, the program might show you graphics with no text at all, but that does not mean that the graphics were not drawn from a description written in ASCII text. These are usually text files: Things produced by a compiler: There are so many programs in the world that some are bound to use the same extensions.

In Linux, the best way to see what kind of data is in a file is to use the file command, e. This description can be a few lines long. If the result has lots of white or black rectangles in the place of characters, the file is apparently binary.

On most not all Linux systems, you could also use the command dos2unix: If the file is not, in truth, ASCII text, these command will likely leave you with a badly corrupted file. In a text-mode transfer, the program doing the transfer compares the operating system of the local machine you are running on with the operating system of the remote machine that you are transferring to or from. If those operating systems use different line termination conventions, the transferred lines are modified accordingly during the transfer. In a binary-mode transfer, the files are transferred exactly, with no changes, regardless of whether the operating systems of the two machines match or not.

When in doubt, transfer in binary mode.

If you do a transfer in binary mode and then discover that you have a text file with the wrong line terminators, you can correct that on the Unix side. This is because the CS Dept. Again, let me emphasize that Samba only works on a local network. If you are connecting to the campus via the Internet, forget Samba. To use Samba, you might not need to do anything at all. You may be prompted for a password, or a login name and password.

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