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Since the cost function is called repeatedly during estimation, optimization, or evaluation, you can specify additional inputs to the cost function to help reduce code redundancy and computation cost.

Simulink & Model-Based Design

Paraameters Objects as Additional Inputs A cost function must have as input, params, a vector of the design variables to be estimated, optimized, or used for sensitivity analysis. For an example of a cost function with a parameter-based requirement, see Design Optimization to Meet a Custom Objective Code. You create convenience objects once and pass them as an input to the cost function to reduce code redundancy and computation cost. F — Derivatives of the cost or objective.

The nonlinear least squares method, used for parameter estimation, requires that you return the parameteds residuals as a vector. SimulationTest to specify linear systems to log when simulating the model. Requirements can be objectives and constraints based on model parameters, model signals, or linearized models. SimulationTest or sdo.

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SimulationTest object — If an sdo. When you optimize or estimate model parameters, you provide the saved cost function as Optioal input to sdo. Linearization-Based Requirements If you are optimizing or evaluating frequency-domain requirements, in the cost function you linearize the model, and compute the requirement values. MathWorks does not warrant, and disclaims all liability for, the accuracy, suitability, or fitness for purpose of the translation.

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OptimizeOptions as 'on'. Use the SignalLoggingName model parameter to get the simulation log name. When you perform sensitivity analysis using sdo. The cost function first extracts the current values of the design variables and then computes the requirements.

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Ceq — Value of the nonlinear equality constraint violations evaluated Optiona, param. Cleq — Value of the nonlinear inequality constraint violations evaluated at param. You can specify additional inputs to the cost function using convenience objects provided by the Simulink Design Optimization software. Specifies the requirement values as outputs, vals and derivs, of the cost function. Specify this vector as the F field value.

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