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Pug the other hand, the writer of the call option would suffer. On the other hand, if you buy a put option, and the underlying stock falls significantly, you would have unrealized profits.

Covered Put

On the other hand, if the underlying stock explodes, you would have unrealized profits. Writing Options is Risky Now, the writer of an options contract takes the opposite side of risk and receives a premium. However, the writer of an options contract is obligated to deliver shares of the security if they are exercised, or if the options contract expires in the money. Again if you write options, you would receive a premium for taking on the risk. This unlimited maximum loss is also true for any short stock position; a short put would only merely offset losses by a small amount in the short stock position should the stock increase in price.

Of course, in reality stock prices don't increase to infinity, so this risk is purely hypothetical. Maximum gain: This occurs if the stock declines to a price less than or equal to the put strike price, in which case the option is exercised and you purchase the stock at the strike price and cover your short position.

If the stock price begins to increase, the short stock position begins to lose value, but the premium received will offset these losses to a point. If the stock increases above this point, then you begin to accrue losses. A Covered Put is most commonly used by share traders to increase the profits from shorting shares and also to protect a short share position against a slight rise in price. In the first scenario, if the underlying stock should drop to the strike price of the put options sold, one would make the drop in price on the underlying stock plus the premium on the put options sold as profit. In this case, the premium on the put options sold serves as additional profits.

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In the second scenario, the premium on the put options serves to offset the loss on the short definirion should the underlying stock rise. When To Use Covered Put? One should use a Covered Put when one wishes to increase one's profits when shorting shares or to protect one's short share position from a slight rise in price. How To Use Covered Put?

Writing Options is Risky

Establishing a Covered Defniition is extremely simple. All you have to do is to write sell to open 1 contract of nearest out of the money put option for every shares you shorted. Benefits of Selling Put Options Naked Selling naked put options certainly has its benefits, but it is also risky. Although the max loss is not unlimited, losses can mount quickly due to volatility expansion.

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The benefits of selling naked puts, as opposed to cash-secured, is the Cvoered to use more leverage and collect more premium. For high-priced stocks and several indices, naked puts are more appealing because they require less capital. The most popular way of doing this is by selling covered puts.

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