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Lathen made sure to disclose the investment strategy to the Participants, and encouraged them to ask questions before signing the PAs. The main problem for the bondholder is that the secondary market will be limited should the buyer wish to sell the bond before either maturity or their death.

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Cv Investment Strategy Donald F. Lathen could, and in fact did, sign on Participant's behalf to purchase bonds and Suvrivor, open the account, transfer some or all of the account balances and assets as Lathen deemed appropriate. Compare Popular Online Brokers. A joint tenancy is "an estate held by two or more persons jointly, with equal rights to share in its enjoyment during their lives, and creating in each joint tenant a right of survivorship. It is an optional redemption feature sold with the bond itself allowing the beneficiary of an estate to put, or sell, the bond back to the issuer. An issuer should require a longer holding period i.

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Again, because of the specialized nature of the death put, even though the original buyer is deceased, it still might be difficult to sell the bond. Lathen was able to take advantage of this contractual loophole by working closely with, and revealing all details of the investment strategy to, his legal teams. An SEC administrative law judge recently dismissed these charges, explaining that there was "nothing necessarily illegal about using, or even exploiting, a contractual loophole. The death put option protects the bondholder's estate when interest rates are higher than they were at the time of original purchase.

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vintl The brokerage firms, however, merely provided the issuers with what was required pursuant to the issuers' offering documents. Maintain one standard survivor's option provision. Death Put Benefits and Caveats The main benefit for the bondholder is that interest rate risk at the time of death is eliminated.

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