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I noticed after a fair while that the same people were posting strategy after strategy after strategy. I wonder why. The fact of the matter was — it was the blind leading the blind. None of them actually had a clue. All I was doing was learning how to lose and being taught by the best. Who better? This eventually dawned on me like a light being switched on. I stopped using those forums in the blink of an eye and deleted them all from the bookmarks. It was now time for some serious thinking and to get my trading! I bought them, traded them, and lost.

But the forums had introduced me to one entity which was Forex. Forex would come later. I reduced my trading drastically in trying to find the high probability trades and also at the same time putting together my own strategy. This was the turning point — my own strategy. I stopped trading altogether, but if I did trade it was for small stakes as I found it was the only way to test my strategy… with real hard cash. Maybe only a few thousand pounds short but the account graph was heading north-east at a rate of knots. I had cracked it.!!

How Do I Become More Successful at Trading?

The Dogs are Conceived I was tradkng trading a forerunner of Black Dog, a very raw version but I could see the possibilities. This was when I remembered from the forums that forex was a great trading opportunity. I departed from stocks and took up trading forex like a maniac. Account blown.

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Time period — about riom to twelve months. Was that a shock to the system? Trading US stocks on the daily rssults to trading forex intra-day — a totally different beast indeed, and I was expecting things to remain the same, after all, a chart is a chart is a chart…. Now it really was time to think and to get this Black Dog firing on all cylinders. It was time to continue with the dumping too.

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Since that's where I am from, I thought I could use this as a name since anything else could be considered dangerous. My resulhs doesn't start tradingg "e" which is also considered dangerous in FF. Anyway, I am posting this just to have a home for those who want to continue discussing the Dance strategy which has been moved by the admins. My experience with the strategy is very positive so far and I will continue trading this way since it has changed my results dramatically.

Original rules here: Reuslts addition, I started making regular Foorex to give me some satisfaction and also give me more time to get used to the increased lots. The most difficult parts for me were the following: As the lot size grows the amount of money that they represent used to scare me. So having an open trade being -5pips representing E was not easy to ignore. After much struggle I learned to ignore that and focus on the pips.

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Sometimes I would find difficult to accept the loss, so I would raise the SL to allow the trade more space. Bad habit, since most times the trade would move more against me I learned to accept the loss early and move on. If I manage this for months I would consider myself in the right path to success. I am already following the method succesfully from March and planning to reach 33, before Christmas. Access our Forex signal platform on your phone, tablet or computer.

Visit ForexSignal. Discussed frequently in the Live Trading Room and market analysis and forecasts are regularly posted in our Blog. Complete privacy: The trade room is set to private mode at all times. Ask questions: Whenever possible, the trader in the room will address your questions.

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