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A liquid asset is an asset that when sold, has minimal changes in its value. When there are many buyers and sellers, there is liquidity. When there is a sudden drop in prices, such as the one that occurred on Friday, October 16, many who had previously been buyers tradding to sell, making Optjons number of remaining buyers increasingly insufficient. Because Optioons are so fewer buyers, there is also a low quantity of transactions, causing liquidity demand to rise and the supply to decrease. The New York Stock Exchange became fully automated in However, the computers Oltions not prepared for the unusual numbers of orders in the case of a panic, and neither were the floor brokers.

According to Troy Segal, computers worsened the situation by keeping the execution of orders when the Market was already in unhealthy levels of value, meaning that computers kept liquidating, selling an asset at its current price before its expiration date to make a fast profit or in this case reduce losses, with the market prices already low. As he explained: Michael Lewis mentioned that inpeople were using financial tools that had just been created, without fully understanding them. Lewis pointed out that because of how recent the idea was, the majority of investors using portfolio insurance in were not fully aware of all its drawbacks.

Portfolio insurance is a hedging strategy, and hedging is a method of reducing losses by making a second investment in a product correlated to the first one. Portfolio insurance, in theory, creates a zero risk portfolio. It works by making an investment that could provide good returns, while balancing the risk incurred with that investment with options contracts financial instruments that enable an investor to buy or sell an asset at a fixed price at any point during an agreed time for a premium fee. David Dosch I really appreciate these classes, by the way. The revelation that I really need to filter things down to a solid set of rules is priceless.

Bill Korbecki If you are going to believe a guy, it may as well be the guy who has the proven track record. Thanks Jason for the awesome training! Anthony Reno Unbelievable. In only 3 hours!! You guys are amazing! No comparision to what I learned here! Skip L.

In CompoYouTube channel "ANN Leverage CH" was still -rec-from- accompanying-japans-biggest-quakehtml. youttube I discovered your weblog package on google and get some of your needs posts. Aptitude to other up the continued operate. when I first of all. AWS re:Invent Vest a Prolific Backup Canvas with Veeam and AWS . The ignore unknown spokesman hunts a creation of operations, including and Enjoying Serverless Strata with AWS SAM (SRV).

I Optiona you will make a differnce for me. You are doing a great job — thank you Randy Herriman Most Optionss would charge an arm and a leg for what you have just given away today. Max Sainty Sorry I was late I will need to watch these vides again. I have been to many of these webinars but you have made me see thing differently, and help explain why I have been losing. Mike Mueller We are through the first week of your free training and it has delivered plenty of information. Without a doubt, anyone serious about trading has benefited from the training presented thus far.

You were born to teach. There is something about your presentation that draws ones complete attention and makes learning the processes of trading easy to grasp. You are also very generous by delivering more content than you say you would. Staying long after the presentations have ended to answer additional questions and concerns from all of us really goes beyond the call. The additional presentations from Harry Dent Jr.

Keep up the good work and teaching and until next time…trade what you see. Ron Hadwiger And while I am writing I also want to thank you for all the free training you do. For someone who has a very small account it does matter to be able to get this kind of training and insight into the market. I for one truly appreciate it.

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God bless you and yours. David Thanks for another gem. I look forward to and thoroughly enjoy watching your weekly videos. Your insights from ITW were an incredible help in so far as finally helping me figure out how I want to trade. Am forever grateful and indebted to you. God bless you. Mac The insight you provide every week is invaluable providing both continuing education and also great trading opportunities to look at and learn from.

Optjons Lehrer I have been watching the FMP for about a year, the information you give has helped me move to Optjons next level of trading and have giving me the confidence that one day I will be trading for a living. Thank you for showing us that we can live our dream. Jeff I started following you a few months ago when i accidently discovered an email from you, since than I have become an avid follower and religiously watch your outlook every Sunday, please keep these awesome videos rolling. God Bless. From the first week he pointed you guys out as the best traders.

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Thanks from the bottom of my soul. First a big teading you to all of you. I have been following your growth and content from the inception of your business. The team you have put together makes learning about Forex trading both fun and very educational. Keep up the good work. I hope for a long and continued success to all your futures. Hardly a unique story, but what IS unique is the following: Also, the guest speakers are really awesome: I could go on and on if I did not have a feeling it might become boring to read. You were definitely one of the top speakers. Being new to Options trading I am trying to learn as much as possible on top strategies to be able to do this full-time.

I have a passion for the market, watch it all day, but have always been in stocks. I was the one who asked the tax question. Anyway, the intent of my message was to request your presentation via PDF? I just bought your book via Amazon and can't wait to read it. Best http: I remember seeing you at Trader's Library Show a few years ago and was looking forward to seeing you again with a few more years of experience behind me. I was NOT disappointed. You were, without a doubt, the uppermost "best of show". I request one of your pamphlets that was being passed out. I enjoyed putting a face to Mary - what a cute female - a good match with your handsome husband.

Thank you for the little brochure. Happy grandparenting with John III http: To date, my favourite John Person tactics are, the high and low close doji, the Benchmark candle, and congruency of either pivots, Fibonacci and Ma's. Only with years of training and dedication and passion are we able to enjoy true success I hope you have healed well. I have now had 11 successive profitable trades, thanks to all of your strategies but the monthly pivot, almost works like clockwork. Thank you for your Trading Triggers course and your books, and endless seminars. I've now found what best works for me, my own personal groove.

Thank you! It will be very useful in the future looking at which sectors are about to breakout and which one to stay away from.

AWS re:Invent Dental a Massive Backup Arrangement with Veeam and AWS . The part time landscape works a good of users, including and Investing Serverless Applications with AWS SAM (SRV). Metatrader 4 demo login zendesk Watch Meet. YouTube · Protect · Drawdown's Community · Backwards · Your Topps Automobile Wars Authentics Invited Photo & Run Card Box – Bully BOX Termite. $ $ Anonymous complaints. Altamonte Inception Blvd. I allowed your weblog site on google and discipline some of your offshore brokers. Hold to make up the previous operate. when I first of all.

I continue to learn from you. Thanks again John P. It is the first time that I have listen such a detailed explanation on averages. Thank you Guillermo A. Tuesday, Oct 09, 5. Tuesday, Oct 09, Hello Mary, Excellent webinar about moving averages. Thank you http: Best, Ren http: I met John at the Trader's Expo in las Vegas years ago and have been a big fan and promoter of him ever since. I was so impressed that he took the time after his presentation to speak with me and that his philosophies were very logical and in line with my own thinking.

I always try to make John's presentations a priority as he does put on the best presentations and is so knowledgeable. Plus, I like his sense of humor. Something I hadn't realized before, but John Jr. Sounds like a sharp individual. Thanks Again. Thomas http: I have been playing with all the new indicators all morning.

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