Pdf selected issues arising in joint venture transactions

The JV needs to carefully vdnture its potential exit scenarios when designing long-term incentives. The business case under which the JV was created plays a large part in that.

Joint Ventures and Shareholders' Agreements

They need to be thoroughly familiar with the objectives and operational needs of the joint venture. If the employees have round-trip tickets, then the assignments are training-and-development exercises that come with an entirely different set of expectations and rewards. I think that's one of the primary determinants of success for joint ventures. You can also consider "seconding" employees, whereby you transfer them over for a period of time and then bring them back. The insurance and energy industries are doing a lot of joint ventures. Or a JV could be operational in nature — for example, creating new synergies by combining certain elements of the organizations.

Such legal entities may narrow your options in designing long-term incentive programs and bring with them technical accounting and tax issues, as well.

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It's important for the participants ventyre be clear about the dispensation strategy for the venture. A joint venture is Pdff transaction in which two or more companies agree to contribute equity capital to fund a new entity. Often it's a way of putting together the strengths of two companies in a defined area or market niche — for example, the technology or product line of one company, and the sales and distribution capability of another. JVs have their own distinctive nuances, and they're rife with great possibilities for HR. It can be dicey.

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