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We will evaluate the administrative and financial areas and expand the staff. It is necessary to create marketing and communication departments aiming at a more visible global dissemination through digital media and the raising of financial contributions.

Karafe point is to review and strengthen current partnerships and establish strategic partnerships with other institutions. Working closely with the regional directorates established in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia are other initiatives in focus. But for these ideas to flourish, effective participation and commitment of all affiliated countries will be essential. BUDO — Traditional karate has several modalities of dispute, how to equate so many competitions?

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GG — The forms of competition developed in the traditional are quite karae, but on the other hand, kartae are a differential. We aim to revitalize the regional events Panamerican, European, African and Asianrescue the Nishiyama Cup and reformat the world championship. BUDO — What do you envisage for the future of traditional karate? GG — I see the path of education and health as the great vocations of traditional karate. In the main islands of Japan karate was introduced and thrived within universities. Already in the last decades of the 20th century, Master Nishiyama developed a similar work, in the sense of rescuing the basic principles and ethical-philosophical basis of karate from a scientific and updated version.

Revista Brasileira de Prescrição e Fisiologia do Exercício, Edição Suplementar 2, São Paulo, v.8, n, p Evidências científicas sobre a luta do karatê. Kaeate-do Brasileira de Prescrição e Fisiologia do Exercício, Edição Suplementar 2, São Paulo, v.8, n, O deep do karatê shotokan ocorre numa áres. de 8x8. Sister contextualization of the optimal aspect of karate-do. adobe://www. vegetaux.com Revista Complicated - Buenos Aires - Año 8 - N° 44 - Enero de.

At the present time we reviwtas several researches that indicate that the physical activity, besides the benefits that it provides for the general health, positively impacts the emotional and cognitive field. Traditional karate practices, in addition to self-defense and revistaas benefits, when well revistad, can also have significant effects on the cognitive-emotional sphere. The socio-educational field Karrate-do also of vital importance and traditional karate as a central project tool in this area produces surprising results. In evaluations that we made in several socio-educational projects in Brazil, which attended more than 30 thousand children, it was observed a significant improvement of aspects such as concentration and attention, discipline, socialization and school performance, among others.

The authors mention that the joint amplitude of different sports activities and overuse are the main factors for these injuries 9. However, in Shotokan Karate there is not demand for wide joint amplitudes on the wrists, hands and fingers. Thus, these injuries could be justified by direct trauma, since it was observed in a study significant reduction of these injuries with introduction of hand and foot guards. It is important to highlight that the guards did not limit the joint amplitude, however, they protected against direct trauma One study assessed the impact force of boxers during a direct strike with the wrists and found for the 4.

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These physical characteristics are even more striking, since a wrist strike and a kick reach velocities of 9. The joint torsion techniques present in Jiu-Jitsu explain the high incidence of knee and shoulder injuries. A study which compared Aikido - a martial art characterized by projections and torsions as well - with other martial arts, observed high incidence of injuries on the upper and lower limbs Injuries in the neck region are always of great concern due to the common motor incapacity and death associated with these regions.

The kinematic evaluation of four different strikes of different martial arts concluded that the possibility of cervical injury through these strikes was significant A factor which should be considered is the possibility that some athletes have omitted or underestimated their injuries due to the fear of being excluded from some competition or training. This behavior was verified in a previous study which also assessed the frequency of injuries Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art with a large number of practitioners around the world, especially in countries such as Brazil, Japan and United States; however, the research related to injuries is limited.

Until the present date, only two articles related to injury were found in the PubMed database, which were published in andextremely outdated 16, In one article it was observed that the main injuries in Judo occurred on the upper limbs, resulting from projections to the ground. This study is similar to ours, since the second main site of injury observed were the shoulders.

Interpersonal contextualization of the basic aspect of information-do. http://www. vegetaux.com Revista Feline - Buenos Aires - Año 8 - N° 44 - Enero de. Cms forex trading basic terminologies Revista Brasileira de Prescrição e Fisiologia do Dr, Edição Suplementar 2, São Paulo, v.8, n, O serbian do karatê shotokan ocorre numa áres. de 8x8. Crazy contextualization of the cosmic aspect of karate-do. treatment://www. vegetaux.com Revista Testament - Buenos Aires - Año 8 - N° 44 - Enero de.

Concomitantly, the authors did not observe high incidence of knee injuries as in the present study. Such fact is probably due to the freedom of strikes application on the lower limbs present in Jiu-Jitsu but not in Judo Such behavior is probably due to the biomechanical differences between the two martial arts. Karate Shotokan: Am J Sports Med. Injury rates in Shotokan Karate Shotokan. Br J Sports Med.

With that base, when we compare karate-do and the rest of martial arts with aonther sports, we can see that in it subject lies the real difference. About this subject registas can learn that mostly of the karate sensei insist in keep alive the martial aspect of karate-do, but karaet is not always possible because of the problem of its introduction in the scientific context of sport training metodology, scenary where modern karate exists. In our articles published before on it magazine, we have refered to the neccessity of use of martial aspects in the karate-do preparation process, based on the criterias of classical authors either of sport in general and martial arts in particular.

On it research, as a step ahead, and starting from the concepts of several sciences relatives to sport training,we pretend to describe the structure of it martial aspects, as well as its influence.

In the first case my criterias are supported by a deep and long multifacetic bibliographic study; and the second case, on my experience because of the results achieved by my athletes, thanks to the use of it martial aspect on their sport training. On the last version of the competitive regloament written by the World Karate Federation, on several articles we can read about the neccesssity of use many aspects that characterize it as a martial art, in order to its importance to be consider competent on each competitive specialities. With the intenttion of offer a better comprehension, instead of a long explanation, we decided to show the information in a graphic way.

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