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You will have much more luck finding a home for your cat if you can provide veterinary records qdoption the cat's health status. A responsible and informed adopter will want to know this information. You might also consider preparing a Pet Resume. Do not separate lifelong friends or litter mates. Many people are willing and eager to adopt two cats who are friends and bonded to each other.

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Where to Look First First look doh your circle of trusted friends, family members, and coworkers. Are any of them willing to give your cat a loving ffor responsible home? Please do not contact Fancy Cats or any other rescue for that matter until you have exhausted every other option. All rescues are overcrowded, and for every cat surrendered to a rescue, another remains on the street or in a shelter awaiting euthanasia. Screening Potential Adopters Fancy Cats strongly recommends thorough screening for any interested party.

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NEVER agree to give your pet to someone until you have properly screened them and visited their home! Here are some Tips for Screening Potential Adopters. Go with your instincts. If something doesn't feel right, do not adopt your cat to the person. You will regret it later and may find that your instincts were right. You can also provide them with the Pet Resume that you prepared above. Once you have chosen the right person to adopt your cat, you should complete an adoption contract.

Feel free to use vog Sample Rehoming Adoption Contract. When you PPut take your cat to his new home, be sure to take his usual litter box, dishes, toys, scratching post, bedding, food, litter and a worn article of your clothing to place with his bedding at his new home. The familiar scent of these items will make the transition easier. Most shelters have high kill rates and your pet will likely be euthanized.

About Behavioral Problems Behavioral problems are rarely a good reason to rehome your pet because you are just passing on the problem to someone else. If you have tried all of the tips listed above and still need to rehome your cat, be candid about your cat's behavioral problems with potential adopters. Cost is based on family size and income. Give us a call to get your cat or dog spayed or neutered as Adoption Center Search this website.

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Lake Haven Visiting Hours: An appointment must be arranged before coming to our facilities for ANY reason. Most of adoptionn adoptable pets are in foster homes so if you can't wait for our Adoption Days then please call Based on our work load applications can sometimes take up to 10 days to process and we usually get multiple applications for each pet. Adoption Fees: All animals fully Vetted and altered. Cats and kittens: If you still have questions after viewing these details please send an email to info lakehavenrescue. Please do not call unless it is an emergency. I've Adopted!

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So Now What? What's in the food you hp your dog. The Dog Food Advisor has facts that may surprise you. Check out our Frequently Asked QuestionsHere are some common concerns people have with rescued dogs?

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