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This rule is applied for large companies and the auditors can be appointed for a maxim period of six years. Infirmation are the accounting requirements? Both trading companies and holding companies in Luxembourg must present the annual accounts to the shareholders. This documentation must be then submitted to the Registrar of the District Court which validates the deposit by filling a notice in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Gazette. A holding company in Luxembourg SOPARFI must also deposit a a consolidated annual accounts when is entitled by a majority of voting rights in another company or under an agreement with the other shareholders of the company.

A Trading and Service Company in Luxembourg

This provision is not required for a trading company in Luxembourg. Which are informaion taxation benefits? Basically, this type of company acts a holding company for various financial activities. Only a minimum of one shareholder is required. Only one director is required who can be the sole shareholder. There is no requirement for audits.

Companies not conducting business in Luxembourg only pay an annual flat tax of 3, Euro. However, United States residents and all others residing in countries taxing worldwide income must report all income to their tax agencies. The Articles of Association are also published in the Official Bulletin called an Official Gazette in other countries. One natural person or a legal entity from any country is required to sign the application for formation. The exercise of a commercial activity, however, is subject to an authorization issued by the Ministry of Middle Classes, based on the reputation and professional qualifications of the head of the company.

In the case of a holding company only two forms of shares are permissible: Both types of entities are established in the same manner: Our lawyers in Luxembourg can assist with the registration of both types of companies. Types of holding companies in Luxembourg The holding company in Luxembourg falls under special separated regimes, which is why they can be divided into several categories.

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These are: However, in the Luxembourg Commercial Law also included wealth management companies in compang special tax status for holding companies, and now family businesses can also be deemed SOPARFIs. One of the main reasons for creating a holding company in Luxembourg and registering is as a public company is the fact that the Grand Duchy allows single ownership; therefore, the SA may have one shareholder no matter if it is set up a holding company or as a trading company in Luxembourg. Our law firm in Luxembourg can offer more information on the laws governing holding companies in this country.

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