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And, after all, volatility is the source of edge for retail traders.

Therefore, it behooves traders lf learn how it works. Opttion understand gamma scalping, traders must understand how options traders trade the greeks. The Greeks: A Crash Course The so-called option greeks are metrics that measure the affect of the influences on an option's value, such as the underlying asset price, time and volatility. Each influence has its own metric. Delta Delta is the rate of change of an option's value relative to a change in the underlying asset. Delta is stated as a percent, written in decimal form. Calls have positive deltas, puts have negative deltas. So for example if an option as a delta of 0.

If the stock rises by one dollar, the 0. Traders can think of delta as effectively how many shares of the underlying they have. Imagine a trader has a call representing the rights on shares that has a 0. At-the-money options have deltas close to 0. The farther an option is in-the-money, the greater its delta, up to 1. The farther an option is out-of-the-money, the smaller its delta, down to 0. Gamma Gamma is the rate of change of an option's delta relative to a change in the underlying asset.

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As discussed, the more in-the-money an option, the bigger the delta optiln the more out-of-the-money, the smaller the delta. As the underlying stock price changes, options are constantly getting more in- or out-of-the-money. Consequently, their deltas are in a constant state of change. Thus, gamma is important. Gamma is stated in terms of deltas. If an option has a gamma of 0. Long options both calls and puts have positive gamma.

Short posifive have negative gamma. Positive gamma helps traders. It leads to them making more on their winners and losing less on their losers than delta would indicate. Negative gamma hurts traders. Theta Theta is the optkon of change of an option's value relative to a change in the time to expiration. As time passes, options get worth less all other pricing influences held constant. Theta measures how much value an option loses as one day passes. Theta is measured in dollars and cents. An option that has a theta of 0. Long options have negative theta, that is, they are adversely affected by time passing. Short options positions have positive theta -- they benefit from time passing.

Theta and gamma are inversely related. The benefit that long options have because of positive gamma is countered by the detriment of negative theta. The positive theta benefit of short option positions is countered by the negative gamma detriment. Vega Vega is the rate of change of an options value relative to a change in implied volatility. Implied volatility is the volatility component embedded in an option's price.

The higher the implied volatility possitive higher the option price; the yoya the implied volatility, the lower the option price. Implied volatility changes. The impact of these changes on the value optkon the option is measured by vega. Vega is stated in dollars and cents in the same way as theta. If an option has a vega of 0. Starting Delta Neutral When traders set out to gamma scalp, they create a delta-neutral position. On the other hand, if you are short options near expiration, time will be your new best friend. It turns out not all options have the same pattern for the rate of decay. In fact, the ones that follow the path and chart mentioned above are just at-the-money options.

Out-of-the-money options decay a lot slower and without the rapid acceleration as an at-the-money option.

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Deep Thrta options yog decay more in days till expiration than near expiration. Why is this? Out-of-the-money options, especially puts, carry an insurance attribute with them. That means hoga and traders will purchase these options to protect or hedge a portfolio or position and cause these options to hold value. You will notice, especially if you ever been short out-of-the-money options, that the value seems to stop decreasing when we get closer to expiration. If you are running a strategy to short deep out-of-the-money options, when do you want to enter your trades? At 30 days until expiration or 60 days until expiration? If you're going to take advantage of the rapid decay of Theta, you would enter the trade 60 days out and take it off when it is 30 days out.

Put the probability in your favor when you take on new trades to increase your success. Is Option Theta Accurate? Nobody said the Greeks are an exact science, and it couldn't be more apparent in Theta. Theta gives a rough generalization on the drop in option value as each day passes. As you get closer to expiration, the number begins to get wonky that's the technical termespecially for out-of-the-money options. If we look at these out-of-the-money puts, a Delta of We could sell them now for 0. Even if Theta does not increase and remains at 0.

Here is the math: You still want to use Theta to get a rough idea of how your option is going to react through time, but don't put a lot of faith in it the closer you are to expiration. Don't hold your short options open longer than needed because you want to collect a few more bucks of Theta.

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That way we get to collect two free days of Theta and the risk of the position moving is very minimal. In theory, that is a great idea, but in reality, it is not possible to get free money from the market. Instead, what they will do is either adjust their volatility or time to expiration in their system. On Thursday or Friday, depends on the market maker, they will go in and raise the volatility to account for two days of decay the weekend.

On Monday they would go back in and drop down this volatility so it would appear that options only had one day of decay. They could also go in and move their days to expiration forward to keep the same effect. I obviously do not want to be buying a bunch of premium that will decay for two days that the market is closed. So I had two choices. I could lower my theoretical volatility. This would lower my options prices based on the all of the premium sellers I was seeing, or I could move my theoretical date forward. You are not going to get any big payoff holding it over the weekend.

If you close your position and change your mind, there is a good possibility of re-entering the position on Monday around the same price for which you exited.

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How Volatility Minimizes The Effect of Theta As we alluded to earlier, when discussing time decay over the weekend, volatility can negate the effects of Theta. One place this is apparent is over the weekend. Another way we can observe volatility's effect on time decay is during earnings. An option's price won't typically increase or decrease leading up to earnings as time passes. The reason for this is, volatility is also moving higher and offsetting time. In practical terms, let's look at this from a market makers point of view.

As the days pass, Theta would naturally take the price of our straddle down.

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