Japanese calendar holidays respect for the aged day

Although not prescribed by law, many workplaces are closed from December 29 to January 3.

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Cities and towns throughout the nation hold ceremonies for these people. Originally held on January 15, in it was changed to the second Monday of January in accordance with the Happy Monday System. This national holiday is currently calendsr on December 23 the day that Emperor Akihito was born on in See "The Emperor's Birthday" below. As a result of Naruhito's ascension to the throne, the holiday will be changed from December 23 to February 23; Naruhito was born on this day in Around March 20 [Note 1] This national holiday was established in as a day for the admiration of nature and the love of living things.

Hirohito was born on this day in After the death of Hirohito inthe date continued to be a holiday under the new name "Greenery Day".

See also below. Constitution Memorial Day falls during Golden Week. Greenery Day falls during Golden Week. Dance performances and plays are also common.

Japanese Holiday – 敬老の日 (Respect for the Aged Day)

These events are often free to the public. Gifts In many ways, Respect for the Aged Hloidays is similar to a birthday celebration. It is a common practice for younger people to give gifts to the elderly people in their families. The adult children of the elderly people in a family may offer a gift that they purchased from a store. Some popular gift choices include candy and useful items.

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Young children often Jaapnese crafts and various handmade items to give to their elderly relatives. In some small towns in Japan, it is common for the local government office to provide commemorative gifts to their elderly citizens. While national news thhe may be generic, local TV stations and newspapers often cover stories about the deeds of elderly people in their communities. This media coverage is very optimistic, so it blends well with the overall themes of the holiday. Travel Respect for the Aged Day is often a busy travel day in Japan. People from across Japan will travel from their homes or universities to visit their elderly relatives in retirement homes and other areas. It is also common for Japanese people to take their elderly relatives with them on a short vacation to another city or nature area.

Since Respect for the Aged Day always falls on a Monday, people can use a long weekend to travel and relax.

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Vernal Dxy Day celebrations can make the weekend even longer. Volunteer People that no longer have elderly people in their family can still celebrate Respect for the Aged Day by volunteering. Many Japanese people decide to volunteer at community centers to create a tasty lunch for elderly citizens. People with musical talents often volunteer to provide entertainment to elderly people on Respect for the Aged Day.

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