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Also, because options prices and stock traing are constantly moving when market opens, the only way brokers bokerage help you fill entire positions is through market orders and, as all veteran knows, market orders rarely give you good filling prices. The filling prices may be bad enough to totally eradicate any possibilities of profit in some options trading strategies where the expected returns can be very slim. Therefore, legging into these positions may be the only way to ensure that the position makes a profit.

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See the drastic difference? Who Should Use Legging? At this traxing, it must be made clear that legging can also be risky and it should only be undertaken by experienced options traders who are familiar with intraday price trends and are quick at calculating the net effects of different prices on their positions on the fly. We will be covering the risks of legging in options trading below. Legging is NOT for beginners to options trading. The fact in the market is that prices are moving constantly, both options and stock prices.

Especially when it is moving strongly in one direction, prices of some legs may be very different by the time you come to executing those legs.

When the prices have moved far enough to eradicate the possibility of profiting brokerqge the strategy, you are deemed to have been legged out and is left with an incomplete position which might work against you. That is the risk of legging into a position. The key to successful legging is Priority. How you prioritize your legging in terms of which leg to execute first followed by which leg is pivotal to successful legging. As such, understanding the prevailing market condition becomes crucial to successful legging.

If the prevailing market condition is relatively stagnant where the stock price isn't really moving, then trzding priority of execution may not be extremely important but when the prevailing market condition is inclined in one direction, having a wrong priority might get you a good price for your first execution and then all the wrong prices for the subsequent legs, totally destroying the profitability of the position. This is also why legging is not recommended for beginners. It takes years of trading experience to correctly read market conditions and plan a course of action for legging to be successful. Once you have determined the prevailing market condition, it is time to plan your course of action.

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In order to tradiing out the priority in which to execute each leg of the position, you need to understand the "ease" of making each leg in the prevailing market condition and then make the hard trades first. Legging In A Rising Market In a rising market, it On,ine be harder to buy call options than sell call options because rising prices are favorable for selling options but makes it harder to get a good price when buying options. As such, you would endeavor to execute long call option legs first under such conditions so that you can seal in the better prices earlier and then work on the easier legs. Lets see how that works out: The maximum profit attainable by legging into this position will be: This is the importance of priority.

To illustrate the importance of priority in legging, lets look at an example of an options trading beginner legging into the same Butterfly Spread on QQQQ with the wrong priority, legging into the easy legs first then the hard leg: The position filled and the QQQQ has already moved higher. OptionsXpress, owned by Schwab, has offerings for clients ranging from beginners to more sophisticated traders.

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The broker's Web-based platform is not flashy, but is laid out well. It has easy-to-use order-entry interfaces under secondary navigations for single-option orders as well as spreads and covered calls. The company also has an all-in-one trade ticket that makes entering orders with multiple options faster and easier. Just select the strategy you want to put on, and the different legs of the trade will be set up for you. OptionsXpress also has tools to help find trade ideas, as well as volatility charts and price calculators. TD Ameritrade also offers a basic, Web-based platform that has something for every level of investor.

Order entries for single options, covered calls, spreads and strangles can easily be accessed under a secondary navigation.

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For single options orders, you can choose an exchange to handle the order or you can have it optkons automatically. Brokeragd help you keep growing as a trader, there are also weekly webinars, an archive of on-demand educational videos, and regular email updates via its daily Options Xpresso email blasts to keep you focused on market risks and opportunities. Free Broker Assistance Any time you need help, licensed options brokers are available to help you at no-additional cost. That can provide much-needed peace of mind for rookies, or help unwind a complex strategy for seasoned traders who may find themselves in a bind.

You can even get advice on futures and ETFs if you want. That makes it much more cost-effective to bid on way out-of-the-money options. Options are contracts that must be acted on, or they expire worthless.

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