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Post-Harvest Winter Wheat Marketing Strategies

These upper and lower limits illustrate that storing unpriced wheat is risky. An HTA contract establishes a futures price univfrsity the time the contract is signed and allows you to establish the basis at a later date. We are going to assume winter wheat harvest in Nebraska begins around July 1. However, the upper and lower price expectation limits illustrate that wheat prices are highly volatile.

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Strategy 1: Minimum Price Contract or Put Option If you want to protect yourself from falling prices, but still want to take advantage of price increases later in the year, you have two options: A call option would help growers take advantage of that upside market. A minimum price contract does as its name states; it sets a minimum cash price with the local grain buyer. If prices decline, the producer would lose only the initial premium payment plus a small brokerage charge. Cash-Forward Contract or Hedge-to-Arrive Contract If you are not interested in a minimum price contract or a put option and you can store winter wheat on the farm, another opportunity to mitigate price risk is to enter a cash-forward contract or a hedge-to-arrive HTA contract.

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Brokers charge a fee for options contracts, in addition to jniversity premium paid for the option. Figure 1. Some farmers sell their grain across the scale at harvest, establishing a basis and putting cash in their hands.

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