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Yes No Unsure Does the restaurant have fixed grab bars for the toilets in the bathroom? We decided to go ahead and get several hundred here and maybe, if we're lucky, be able to use our credit card for the rest. We have to pay our car service with cash and we may be in a huge hurry when we arrive, depending on flight arrival time. Best place to exchange dollars for Euros?

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Yes No Unsure Does the restaurant have wide clearance into the bathroom for guests with Foteign restrictions? May 15,9: Another reason to take some cash is that I've been hearing that ATM's are getting hacked in Italy a lot. We have a train to catch! Yes No Unsure Does this restaurant have a fully automatic front door to accommodate guests with mobility impairments?

Elkmont Exchange Brewery & Eating House, Knoxville

She has been hacked herself. Yes No Unsure Does the restaurant have an accessible-height sink in the bathroom? May 17,4: May not have time to stop at the airport ATM to get cash on the way out. Removed on: Yes No Unsure.

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