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Cause Windows has a Device Driver installation process timeout value. Resolution Increase the driver installation timeout value, and then re-attempt driver installation. This can be done either by editing the local system ssytem or by importing a registry file. The solution involves a lot of typing and praying Written by: Aseem KishoreTwitter: Luckily, there are tools and methods that allow you to get access to your data without ever needing to know what the original password was. Note that there is really no easy solution to this problem; you will have to open command prompts, type strange things and pray a lot.

Just visit the Windows Live password reset page and follow the instructions.

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Both methods work on both operating systems, which is really convenient. The first method uses the Windows 7 or 8. Restart your computer and boot up from the disc. Note that you might have to change sysem boot order in your BIOS before the system will boot from the disc. If the computer prevents you from deleting the files, go to the next step. Restart the system, and follow steps 1 and 2 to reopen the Command Prompt: This time, type in these commands without the quotes: Using this method to fix the problem might allow you to continue installing the updates successfully.

If the login screen appears, log into the system as you usually do and allow the updates to install correctly this time. Follow the directions below about rebooting your computer in Safe Mode.

Restarting Your Computer You can use the power button to turn off and then restart the system. This will help to start the system in Normal Mode so that you can install the updates easily. This hard reboot is sometimes necessary to deal with a frozen update issue, but it should never be your first option. Press down on your power button. You may have to hold the power button down for up to thirty seconds to turn off the computer. Unplug the computer from the wall after the computer is completely shut down. If you are using a laptop, you must also remove its battery once the computer has shut down and replace it before you restart it.

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Restart the computer and your boot speed should be back to normal. With this option, you can also enter Safe Mode. It is best to do this method only if your system has already had difficulty booting and you are already on the Automatic Repair screen. You can manually trigger this screen to apprear, you must interrupt the normal boot process of the system. Interrupting the normal boot process is not recommended and should only be done if there is no other option left for entering Safe Mode. You can interrupt a system boot by pressing the power button before the OS is loaded on your PC. Initially, Windows 10 will try and diagnose the problem with your system. See screenshot above B When done reviewing, click on the Close button.

Click on the Next button. Make sure that the restore point you want is still selected highlighted. The command prompt will appear. Type c: Type cd windows at the prompt and press the Enter key.

System Restore

Type cd creator at the prompt and press the Enter key. Type the following command exactly as it is shown here including quotation marks and space: Installing a driver or application Kenu hardware and software drivers, and additional applications can be installed, one-at-a-time, using the PC System Recovery Suite on the hard drive. Several applications are included on the computer from the factory. Consult the manufacturer's installation instructions for any programs not originally installed on the computer. Do the following actions to select and install an individual driver or application: Select an option to either reinstall an Application or reinstall a Driver shipped with the computer, and then click Next.

Select the desired Application or Driver from the list, and then click Next quotationss begin the installation. Follow any additional instructions. Restart the computer if prompted. Reinstalling the operating system The Windows operating system OS can be reinstalled, using the PC System Recovery Suite on the hard drive, without destroying any existing programs or personal data. This action is normally only performed to correct a serious operational problem with the computer.

[2018 Update] System Restore in Windows 10 with System Restore Freeware or Tool

If the recover is not operating in the Windows operating system, see Recovering from the recovery discs. Reinstall the operating system using the default recovery options Use the following instructions to reinstall Windows using the default recovery options: Close all programs. When the recovery options are presented, select the option to perform a PC Recovery, and then click Next. That's nice, but it's a needless obstacle in the way of logging in.

If you're as impatient as we are, disable the lock screen by searching the Start Menu for regedit, and running the Registry editor. After a reboot, the lock screen will be gone. Windows 10 shipped without an app to play DVDs on. Which isn't great if you like to watch movies on your PC. It also has garnered an overall rating of just two stars. Alternatively, you can download VLCwhich is free and works just as well if not better.

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